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Rod Holder - Clamp Rod 360 degree Rotate Silver #107/ for tubes 7/8" to 2-3/8"OD 7/22

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Rod Holder - Clamp On 360 Degree Rotating

Please measure accurately to avoid returns which are expensive. It is best to use a caliper to measure the outside diameter of your tubing.

Rod can be rotated into 15 different positions. Full rotation is 360*. With our variety of clamp sizes you can mount these rod holders just about anywhere you have tubing from .875 to 2.375"O.D. and a variety of angles as well.

Great for mounting to arches and railings.
Swagged tube so rods are not getting caught up.
Inside diameter or the Rod Holder is 1-5/8"

Polished anodized finish, Stainless Steel Screws

New heavy duty design.

Can be used to pull planer boards and divers.
Anodized aluminum. Anodizing is also the best base for powder coating which you can generally have done locally.
Designed to maximize grip to rails and tubing.
Update quantity needed during checkout.
Item # 107
Five (5) tube clamp sizes available, these clamps are made specifically for the aluminum tube sizes shown not for stainless steel tubing. Minor assembly required using 3/16" & 1/4" Allen wrenches.








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