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Please measure accurately to avoid returns which are expensive. Always use a caliper to measure the outside diameter of your tubing.


It is important to use a caliper to measure the pipe/tube size o.d. (outside diameter) of the tube/pipe you are clamping to.  a size smaller than your measurement will not work, you need to order the correct size or a slightly larger size where you will be able to use rubber shims. please use a  caliper to measure the o.d. of the tube you are clamping to. 

Measure the outside diameter of your tube or pipe carefully. Some clamp on products are labeled as sized by iron pipe size (IPS) which measures the inside diameter. Do not use IPS when ordering make sure you know the outside diameter. Refer to the chart at the bottom of the page for converting IPS to outside diameter.



A clamp-on rod holders can easily be set up on most fishing boats that have a hand railing. This allows for mounting the fishing rod holders on almost any angle. Clamp-on rod holders can be easily set up and adjusted for the specific troll. Some models such as the Cisco rod holders can be quickly dismounted and  stored out of the way, other models may require an allen wrench or phillips head screwdriver to dismount, even so this is not very difficult. A clamp on rod holder is a great choice and very popular among many anglers, add several to your boat and increase your catch.

Not sure on what size clamp on you need, we recommend using a caliper to measure the Outside Diameter of the tube/pipe, you can also use the c clamp method (bottom of this page) which is a little less accurate?

Make your selection from the Clamp-On choices below.

The table below gives the outside diameter of Pipe. You need to know if you are measuring pipe or tube. The following link will help you understand the difference.  Click here for details


O.D. in/mm

I.D. in

3/4" IPS
PIPE SIZE : 1.050", 26 mm O.D. Schedule 40: 0.824" I.D., 0.113" Wall
1" IPS
PIPE SIZE:  1.315", 33mm O.D. Schedule 40: 1.049" I.D., 0.133" Wall
1-1/4" IPS
PIPE SIZE: 1.660", 42 mm O.D. Schedule 40: 1.380" I.D., 0.140" Wall
1-1/2" IPS
PIPE SIZE: 1.900", 48mm O.D. Schedule 40: 1.610" I.D., 0.145" Wall
2" IPS
PIPE SIZE: 2.375", 60mm O.D. Schedule 40: 2.067" I.D., 0.154" Wall


  Vertical Rail Clamp-On
Horizontal Clamp-On
Two-way Clamp-On




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Pipe vs Tube

What is the difference between Pipe and Tube?


It is important to know if you are measuring pipe or aluminum tube.

In short: Tube is measured by outside diameter, the pipe is measured by inside diameter.

There is often confusion as to which size die the customer actually needs - Pipe Size or Tubing Size.

Keep in mind that pipe size refers to a nominal - not actual - inside pipe diameter. Schedule refers to the pipe's wall thickness. The actual physical OD is larger than it's nominal OD.

The dimensions provided for tubing, on the other hand, refer to the actual outside diameter. In other words, the actual physical OD of a tube is just the same as it's nominal OD. The size of a tube will keep the same OD no matter what the wall thickness is.

For example: The actual outside diameter of 1¼" pipe is 1.625? - while 1¼" tube has a true 1.25" outside diameter.

Consequently, both the size of tube and pipe is measured by it's OD and the thickness.

Why the difference between Pipe and Tube?

Pipes are used to transport something, and tubes to construct something; hence, tubes are defined by the outside diameter and wall thickness (for construction stability), and pipes are measured by inside diameter to allow a calculation for transportation viz., speed, volumes, etc. (OD = ID + 2 × WT)


Inside Diameter
Outside Diameter
Wall Thickness
Pipe Vs Tube Measurement


Above Information taken from JD Squared Australia



**Aluminum marine products are made from schedule 40 aluminum pipe which has no measured dimension equal to the stated size. In fact: 3/4" schedule 40 pipe = 1.0625" OD; 1" schedule 40 pipe = 1.321" OD; 1-1/4" schedule 40 pipe =1.66" O.D.

**Clamp OD should be slightly smaller than the rail OD to avoid slippage.

Pipe Size Outside Diameter (O.D.) Circumference
1/8" 0.405" 1.272"
1/4" 0.540" 1.696"
3/8" 0.675" 2.121"
1/2" 0.840" 2.639"
3/4" 1.050" 3.299"
1" 1.315" 4.131"
1 1/4" 1.660" 5.215"
1 1/2" 1.900" 5.969"
2" 2.375" 7.461"
2 1/2" 2.875" 9.032"
3" 3.500" 10.995"
4" 4.500" 14.137"
5" 5.563" 17.476"
6" 6.625" 20.812"
8" 8.625" 27.095"
10" 10.750" 33.771"
12" 12.750" 40.054"

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