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An adjustable rod holder offer a significant advantage over fixed clamp-on rod holders and flush mounted rod holders. Although each of the later are fine for their specific purpose, the adjustable rod holder lets you take advantage of the area and fishing angles on each side of the boat. This give you considerable more fishing area that can be covered during the troll. Some models can be adjusted on the fly such as the WHITECAP INDUSTRIES rod holders, other models are adjusted prior to leaving the dock. All in all the adjustable rod holders are a great addition to any watercraft.  We offer Cisco , Big Jon, Cannon, Whitecap and GLP. Please measure carefully to avoid costly returns.

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 FOS-212 YAG
 Cisco Big Jon
 Cannon Whitecap
Rod Rigger




When you search for adjustable rod holders you will find that the best ones are on rodholderdepot.com. Each rod holder comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee. The quality, style and functionality of our adjustable stainless rod holders is second to none. Be sure to examine our other types of rod holders such as clamp-on, flush mount, bulkhead, rocket launchers and outriggers!

Got Questions? email us at: support@rodholderdepot.com or call 1-586-255-0212 We return all call as soon as possible.

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