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Do not rely on the product images alone when making a purchase, ask questions and read the descriptions carefully. Do not rely on the images alone, some images included products that are additive (for display purposes only) to the product on the page, they will not be part of the product you are look at and will be an additional cost.

Rodholderdepot.com stands ready to ship successfully to many countries around the world. We always take special care to make sure your order will reach you with minimum delays.


We encourage using PAYPAL for international orders. We also accept VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER credit cards.

For large dollar orders we may request government issued photo Identification along with a verifiable shipping address. The "SHIP TO" address must be verified to the the purchaser. If we cannot verify the address to the purchaser we  may reject the order and refund the purchase amount. We reserve the right to reject any order we deem to be suspicious.


We prefer to use the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE (usps) for foreign country orders, however we also use UPS and FEDERAL EXPRESS (fed ex)  or other  carriers when needed. We reserve the right to select carrier.


Our systems calculate the estimated shipping costs, however due to the wide variety of products that may be included in an order this may not always be accurate. In many cases we do not have the final shipping costs when the order is placed, in these situations we may send you a link to pay any additional actual costs that are incurred. If you feel the shipping costs are out of line with expectations feel free to email us and we will review the shipping costs to see if a lower price is available.


International shipments may be subject to additional customs duty and additional brokerage charges which are the responsibility of the purchaser. We do not know how much these charges will be so we cannot advise you in advance of the amount. The amounts charged by each country are different. Please check with your customs office for more information.

Call us at 586-255-0212 or email us at support@rodholderdepot.com with your questions concerning international orders.

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Phone: 1-586-255-0212

Please leave a phone number and a brief description of your question or concern. Please note that we do not store credit card numbers on our website or anywhere else.
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