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The primary advantage of flush mount rod holders is they are out of the way, inconspicuous and do not require any additional handling once they are installed on your boat. Flush mount rod holders come in various angle degrees to satisfy the individual captains requirements. These are generally mounted in the gunwale of the boat and require either an existing hole or a new hole which will allow the base tube of the rod holder to slide freely down to the cap of the rod holder. While some anglers prefer a zero (0) degree flush mounts which aid in transporting rods during the run to the fishing grounds, most fishermen will desire some angle which is better suited for trolling out of the flush mounts. When you fish for the really bigs ones your going to want Rod Holder Swivels from TGT. These swivels allow you to keep your rod in the rod holder while playing the fish..  Please measure carefully to avoid costly returns.

Choose from any of our Top Quality Brands like C.E. Smith, Lee's, Tigress, Whitecap, Whitewater, Attwood and more.


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When you search for flush mount rod holders you will find that the best ones are on rodholderdepot.com. Each rod holder comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee. The quality, style and functionality of our stainless flush mount rod holders is second to none. Be sure to examine our other types of rod holders such as our clamp-on, adjustable, bulkhead, rocket launchers and outriggers!  Here is a link to help with your installations.

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