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When you are on or near the water it's all about safety. Things can go wrong in an instant resulting in personal disasters, don't take chances, make sure you are prepared for emergencies. Captains know how quickly a great day on the water can turn ugly, foul weather, unexpected waves and wind coupled with inexperienced passengers are a known recipe for problems at sea. Life saving equipment needs to be readily accessible and functional. We offer a number of safety devices that could save your life, please make sure you are properly equipped. If you need a personal locating beacon please call.

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  Boarding Handle                   
 Life Vests
 Horns  Foul Weather/Flotation Gear 

 Non Skid Deck Systems
 Compasses Life Rafts  Search Lights


When you search for marine safety products you will find that the best ones are on Rodholderdepot.com. Each marine safety item comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee. The quality, style and functionality of our safety products is second to none. Be sure to examine all the marine safety selections along with our other fishing equipment and large selection of rod holders such as stainless steel rod holders, flush mount rod holders, bulkhead rod holders,  boat rocket launchers and outriggers.

Got Questions? email us at: support@rodholderdepot.com or call 1-586-255-0212 We return all calls as soon as possible.

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