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Trolling Motor Stabilizer Mount

The newest addition to our product line is our Trolling Motor Stabilizer Mount.  This mount has been designed and perfected for boaters looking to easily secure their trolling motor arm when cruising through rough waters.  This trolling motor mount is a necessity for any trolling motor and is used to:

  1. Eliminate vibrations and bouncing of the trolling arm when cruising.
  2. Safely secure the trolling arm in rough conditions.
  3. Prevent the unit from slipping into the water when cruising causing major damage to your boat and motor.
  4. Hold the unit in place for safe transportation of your boat.

The first thing you will notice is that this mount is 100% indestructible.   It is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel to provide a LIFETIME of use without degradation.  There are no pieces to attach or reattach making this mount the fastest and easiest mount than any other mount available today!

This unit is capable of adjusting to any angle between 0-180° and rotates radially 360° making this great for any horizontal and vertical mounting application. The synthetic V-Channel safely cradles any trolling motor arm from 7/8" to 1-1/2" and works great for any Minn Kota or MotorGuide trolling motor.   

Best of all; our innovative design leaves nothing attached to the trolling arm of the motor to get in the way while fishing!

Click on the product below to see detailed information about how easily the unit stores out of the way and how it can accommodate more angles and heights than any plastic mount on the market.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to popularity delivery time is one week +.

The trolling motor stabilizer mount is extremely easy to use and heavily constructed for a LIFETIME of use. It is able to safely secure any trolling motor...

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