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A good quality Marine Radio is one of the most important purchases a boater will make. Even with the technology available today, it is a wise decision to arm yourself  with good marine communications when at sea. Most radios are waterproof and many handhelds are even submersible. These are important features to consider as you select a radio. One of the biggest considerations should be the transmission range for your boating environment. If you are close to land a less expensive unit may suffice but when land is not visible you want to be sure your maximizing your voice transmission.  For fixed mounts make sure you choose a good antenna, adequate height often makes the difference! Handhelds do not require installation or purchase of an antenna & mounting hardware which makes them attractive to many boaters.

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When you search for Marine Radios you will find the best selection at Rodholderdepot.com. All of our VHF radios come with a customer satisfaction guarantee. The quality, style and functionality of our radios and satelitte phones are second to none. Be sure to examine our other products  that compliment the wide variety of fishing products at Rodholderdepot.com like VHF antennas, mounting brackets and other fishing gear like rod holders, stainless flush mount rod holders, bulkhead rod holders,  boat rocket launchers and fishing outriggers.

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