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Cisco Single Short Cradle Rod Holder Choose Mount Style and Options 2/19

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Part Number: PKSCTXX - Choose mounting type and color
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The short cradle is designed for quick and easy removal of the fishing rod.  The rods reel will sit in the cut out recession against the base of the cradle and the rod handle will sit safely into the boat.  This design works well for pulling boards as well as running your rod tips near the water for Muskie fishing.

There is a recession in where the reel sits in the cradle to help protect the rod and assist in keeping it from spinning in the cradle.  There is also a trigger slot at the far end of the cradle to ensure that rods with triggers on them sit comfortably in the cradle.

Many people find that staggering their rods at different heights works well to keep their lines and boards from crossing!  Check out our different length Riser Mounts to see which sizes may best suit your needs!

If you are looking to bury your rod tip into the water we do have "chicken rings" available as shown in the photo's of our Long Cradle Rod Holder.  This option is great if you plan to bury your rod tips in the water or if you want to tilt your rod up vertically and lock them in place when cruising between destinations.

Product Features

The cradle style rod holders are designed to index 360° with 20 interlocking positions by simply lifting and turning our exclusively engineered spring loaded mechanism.  When engaged, it is secured by machined teeth around the entire circumference for virtually no wear on the product ensuring long lasting sustainability.

In addition to the radial movement, the cradle will adjust to any angle from 0-135° by actuating the padded lever.  The lever can be rotated in any direction to meet the needs of each user.  No tools are required for positioning of the rod holder.  All aluminum components are anodized to military specs.

The cradle rod holder is designed to ensure quick removal of  the rod from the holder.  The handle of the rod can be removed by tilting it up vertically and freeing it from the cradle.  

This product is great for pulling dipsy's and trolling with Muskie lures!

*Colors are available upon request.  Mount included.


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